The description of the uss arizona memorial

Description[ edit ] The Pennsylvania-class ships were significantly larger than their predecessors, the Nevada class. Arizona had an overall length of feet This was 25 feet 7. The ship had a metacentric height of 7.

The description of the uss arizona memorial

The crisis exploded without warning across the sprawling U.

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Navy community in Norfolk, Virginia: A nuclear submarine and its crew had vanished in the Atlantic. On May 27,USS Scorpion SSN failed to return as scheduled to its home port at the destroyer-submarine pier complex at the southern end of the waterfront.

From Atlantic Fleet headquarters to dozens of homes and apartments across Hampton Roads, a day of anticipation and celebration had suddenly turned into an open-ended vigil of fear and uncertainty. Scorpion and its man crew had left Norfolk on February 15 for a three-month Mediterranean deployment.


The crew participated in several naval exercises with the U. Sixth Fleet and NATO, conducted ongoing reconnaissance of Soviet naval units in the Med, and paused to enjoy liberty at ports in Italy and Sicily before reentering the Atlantic for the homeward voyage on May Slattery, had radioed Atlantic Submarine Force headquarters early on May 22 that the sub would arrive in Norfolk at 1 p.

The description of the uss arizona memorial

Its terse technical phrases meant only one thing: All submarine units surface or remain surfaced until this message cancelled. For four decades, the navy and U. The full account of its loss has continued to elude and frustrate researchers, journalists, and family members of the 99 sailors who died aboard the sub.

But a careful reexamination of the public record—as well as interviews with former U. Instead, it may have been the outcome of a deadly Cold War confrontation between the U.

As documented in press accounts, U. Navy situation reports, and the official court of inquiry convened to probe the incident, by nightfall on that Memorial Day, Atlantic Fleet commander Admiral Ephraim P. Holmes had ordered what would become the largest U. Officials announced that Vice Admiral Arnold F.

Meanwhile, the first members of what would become a task force of nearly sixty ships and submarines and dozens of land-based patrol aircraft raced into the Atlantic that Monday night to search for the missing sub.

For nine days the searchers scoured the ocean from the continental shelf to the Azores, looking for any sign of Scorpion. They failed to find a single clue. Nine days later, on June 5, Admiral Thomas H.

In his message appointing retired Vice Admiral Bernard L. After deliberation, the Court shall submit its findings of fact, opinions and recommendations. Its mandate did not include determining criminal guilt or innocence.

During eleven weeks of hearings—most of them closed to the press and public due to the classified information under examination—the court took sworn testimony from ninety witnesses and reviewed separate exhibits. Two months later came stunning news: On October 30,the navy announced that Mizar had found the wreckage of Scorpion.

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In effect, Admiral Austin and his fellow panelists had thrown up their hands. By implication, the court let stand an unstated premise that some unconfirmed mechanical malfunction had sent the submarine plunging to the Atlantic abyssal plain two miles down.

For fifteen years afterward, that was the extent of what the navy, submarine service, Scorpion families, and the public knew about what had happened to the sub and its crew.Name: Hank Strub, PN3, X-Division, [email protected] Comments.

After watching CBS 60 Minutes (10/24/04)segment with Andy Rooney, I was totally amazed at his outright stupidity at his knowledge and history regarding U.S. battleships. Officially, the sub USS Scorpion sank due to torpedo malfunction, but new evidence supports the belief Scorpion was victim of a Soviet antisubmarine attack.

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