Sam houston book review

Those early years, he says, were tough. A year-old Salazar, his sister, and their mother followed on a plane the next year, leaving his older brother behind in their hometown.

Sam houston book review

An in-depth scholar, Mr. However, the rich leadership lessons, resilience, and characteristics of General Houston make this book a must-read for anyone who has doubted themselves, desires to enhance their leadership skills, has made a leadership mistake or two, or endeavors to strengthen their resilience.

Because of his curious, live outside-the-box nature, Sam lived with a Cherokee tribe as a Cherokee. This name was prophetic because more than once General Houston was severely wounded on the battlefield but continued to lead from the front.

Sam houston book review

He made what some in his command deemed bad leadership decisions, and they sought to undermine him. Understanding the depth of leadership, the general adapted his leadership style to complete the mission and developed options to include even those with dissenting opinions.

Understanding and accepting the burden of command, he focused on ensuring his troops had time to physically and mentally heal. The general also required inspections and drills to build a cohesive unit to hone skills and work as a team in battle. He employed transformational leadership to discuss options for engaging the Mexican Army.

His leadership decisions and battlefield strategy resulted in the defeat of Santa Anna and his troops in 20 minutes.

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The foundation for this evolved from voracious reading and the belief he could accomplish anything. Like Abraham Lincoln, he dropped out of school but because of his desire to self-educate, he opened a school.

He also learned, studied, and practiced as an attorney. Perhaps unbeknownst to some, General Houston was a heavy drinker until later in life. He also had two failed marriages before his third marriage to Margaret Lea that lasted 23 years. During one of the darkest times in his early professional life, The Raven returned and found solace with his Cherokee support system.

This form of resilience by returning to a place of comfort and healing oneself is noteworthy. General Houston realized that by reaching out for help, he could serve others with a renewed sense of purpose.

Specifically, at 21 he was a combat hero, a major general of [the] Tennessee militia, governor of Tennessee. The themes in Mr. Reading about his perspectives, leadership behaviors, failures, and successes could facilitate inclusion within the USAF, the DOD, and those unfamiliar with our rich heritage stemming from leaders like General Houston.I picked up this book to help first and fourth grade teachers teach their students about Sam Houston.

Sam houston book review

Why I Finished It: Truthfully, I learned a lot about Sam Houston’s early life that was new to me. May 19,  · The Rienzi, an offshoot of the Museum of Fine Arts, houses a collection of European decorative arts.

Stroll the formal and Texas woodland garden. Sam Houston has ratings and 16 reviews. Manray9 said: James L. Haley’s Sam Houston is a well-written biography of an important American figure unappr /5.

"To be governor of Tennessee with Old Hickory [Andrew Jackson] in the White House," Haley writes, "was as close to being the Prince of . View Notes - Sam Houston Book from ANTHROPOLO at University of North Texas.

Brian Rosatelli Sam Houston Review HIST Campbell, Randolph, B., Sam Houston and the American. Sam Houston and the American Southwest Summary & Study Guide includes comprehensive information and analysis to help you understand the book.

This study guide contains the following sections: This study guide contains the following sections.

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