Prion diseases essay

Consuming the diseased tissues will result in transfer of the disease. Kuru affects the brain and nervous tissue in humans and lays latent for a long period of time. Growing medical awareness has helped in the decline of the cycle of the disease.

Prion diseases essay

They fold over the wrong way, spread, and then cause other proteins to form the same incorrect shape. These badly shaped prions build up and form clumps in your brain.

Then they kill neurons, or brain cells that control your memory, balance, and movement. Most people get prion diseases like CJD for no apparent reason. It can run in families. Continued Very rarely, people get prion diseases from infections, such as from donated tissue in a transplant operation or from unclean tools your surgeon Prion diseases essay.

When mad cow disease broke out in cattle in Europe in the s, a small number of people developed VCJD and died. Four people also got VCJD from blood transfusions when the donor was infected. To lower the risk of VCDJ, countries changed how cattle are fed and how donated blood is collected or treated.

Prion diseases essay

If you have symptoms like dementia, your doctor might first rule out other possible causes. The following tests may show if your symptoms are caused by a strokebrain tumoror inflammation: Spinal tap also called lumbar puncture: A doctor puts a needle between two of your vertebrae bones in your back to take a sample of the fluid around your brain and spinal cord.

MRI magnetic resonance imaging: Powerful magnets and radio waves are used to make detailed images of your brain. CT scan computerized tomography: Several X-rays taken from different angles are put together to show a clearer picture of your brain.

Your doctor can only be certain you have a prion disease if she takes a sample of your brain tissue called a brain biopsy. For now, treatments for prion diseases only ease your symptoms.

They include pain drugsantidepressantssedatives, or antipsychotic drugs. You also may need a catheter to help drain urine or feeding tubes to help you eat.Prion Diseases - Prion Diseases Abstract Transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs) are neurodegenerative diseases that are thought to be caused by the misfolding of prion proteins.

Prions are able to replicate in the absence of nucleic acids. In the past decade prion diseases have become more prominent in civilian life like mad cow disease in cattle, kuru in humans, and scrapie in sheep (Araújo, ). Prions are proteins that can have disastrous effects through mutation.

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Prions Disease Prion Disease BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) also known as Prion Disease, is a disease many are still trying to understand as to why it happens. Therapeutic Antibodies Against Prion Disease Biology Essay.

To bring forth Curative Antibodies against prion disease i.e. variant CREUTZFELDT-JAKOB DISEASE is a challenge. It is a rare upset but fatal. The disease, vCJD, chiefly occurs in the UK where some deceases have been recorded.

Examples of prion diseases concerned with animals include scrapie. Bovine spongiform encephalopathy is also an animal prion disease which is also referred to as ‘mad cow disease’ (Hu et al, ). Different forms of prion diseases both human and animal forms are .

Why Is the Study of Prion Diseases a Priority for NIAID? Much about TSE diseases remains unknown. The diseases are characterized by certain misshapen protein molecules that appear in brain tissue.

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