My teachers secret life writing activity for 3rd

You're in the middle of a math lesson and you ask your class, "Does anyone know what 10 - 7 is? I can think of a some more off the top of my head:

My teachers secret life writing activity for 3rd

In this kindergarten activity, students listen to My Teacher's Secret Life, discuss the content, and make predictions about what the teacher and their peers do when they are away from school.

my teachers secret life writing activity for 3rd

After charting both student and teacher activities, the teacher models writing a book of his or her life outside school.

Working at home with their parents, students draw glimpses of their personal lives on a planning sheet, and use it in the class to create stapleless books about their lives that they then share with their classmates. Using this online tool, students can create an eight-page book just by folding and cutting.

They will be meeting new people and discovering new things.

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Laying a foundation early for a community to grow in the classroom is vital for success throughout the school year.

The students all have different characteristics, but these overlap enough to allow for sections to emerge, groups with common interests and timbres. In this lesson, the teacher indeed plays a central role in conducting his or her class in sharing with each other.

Further Reading Koshewa, Allen. Thinking and Learning Together: Curriculum and Community in a Primary Classroom.3rd grade worksheets to boost kids' math, reading, science, and writing skills. Share on Pinterest.

Advertisement. Give your child practice with key third grade writing skills like research, writing, editing, and grammar with these worksheets aligned to the Common Core Standards. Text Features: Engaging Activities.

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The activities included will work best for 3rd grade and 4th grade, although many of the activities could be adapted to reach younger or older students. Many of the activities mentioned above are available at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. My Teacher's SECRET Life!

Great idea for narrative writing. Read this book and then have students write a story about YOUR secret life. Link goes to . Humane Worksheets for Teachers. Secret Shapes - Use this activity to dispel some common myths about a farm animal who is more sensitive, - This worksheet will give students practice in writing skills while reviewing .

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Confessions of a Teaching Junkie: My Teacher's SECRET Life!

i gave my kids the option of adding A FEW other words to make statements. (in my example, i used only the adjectives, but i made the title: Life in the Big City) Posted by:Mom4a_and_c # I just did a great lesson with my third graders on adjectives.

I put a poster on the board of the Pittsburgh Steelers. One activity that I did.

My Teacher's Secret Life by Stephen Krensky | Scholastic