Lost in the kitchen db

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Lost in the kitchen db

Ready to remove toxic cleaners from your home? The kitchen is the heartbeat of the home, but too often our kitchen counters can be messy and cluttered which can lead to us feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

A clean kitchen is a happy and productive place to be! I shared last week about how I had completely cleared off my kitchen counters last summerand the big difference that it made in my life. And if you follow me on Instagram you probably noticed that I spent most of a recent Friday sharing my process of clearing off my counters.

I hope those posts inspired some of you to think about decluttering and completely clearing off your kitchen counters too!

So today I want to walk you through how to completely clear off your kitchen counters!

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Is it really convenient? A lot of people leave things like toasters, coffee makers, other small appliances, cutting boards, knife blocks, cooking utensils and more out on their counters.

I think there are two reasons for this. Out of those 8 hours, how much time are you actually using your toaster, or coffee maker, or cutting boards, or cooking utensils?

Maybe 10 or 15 minutes at the very most, right? It takes me about 5 seconds to pull my toaster out of the cabinet and plug it in. It takes me about 2 seconds to open the cabinet door and grab my cooking utensil out of the container. All to be able to use the item for the same minutes as when it sat out on the counter.

You tell me which is more convenient: Using seconds of time to take something out of the cabinet and put it back again, and having the other 7 hours and 45 minutes of my day with a completely clear and free counter to use to do other things like baking and cooking? Obviously if you use something less than once a day, and it sits out on your counter the rest of the time, the amount of time that it spends sitting there using up space is greatly increased!

For me, the answer has become a no-brainer. Try it for Two Weeks! So, I decided to just completely clear off my counters and leave them like that for two weeks. After the two weeks, I could put anything back onto the counter if I thought it was too inconvenient to get it out every time I wanted to use it.

I want to encourage you to try the same thing. Completely clear your counters and leave them that way for two weeks. And the benefit of having clear counters all day long is totally worth it! How to Completely Clear Off Your Kitchen Counters As I show you pictures of my cabinets in this post, this is real-life — my kitchen the way it really looks right now.

My cabinets could use another round of decluttering and organizing. But the work that I did to make space for my small appliances and other things that used to sit out on the counter is still in place so that I can continue to keep my counters cleared off.

Above is my pantry, on the top I keep small appliances like my bread machineblender, immersion blenderand rice cooker. The bread machine used to sit out on the counter when I was using it at least once a week.

Declutter Your Cabinets So, now you need to make space in your cupboards for the things that usually sit out on your counters. This is going to take some work, but as you can see, I have a fairly small kitchen and I was able to find a way to store all of my stuff in the cabinets although I will admit that I have good cabinet space for the size of my kitchen.

Make room in the basement or some other storage area for these things.

Lost in the kitchen db

A clear counter is made possible by a decluttered kitchen. This step may take you some time the first time you tackle it. So leave yourself a good several hours one day, or work on this over the course of a week, as you work toward clearing off your counters.

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When I first did this, it took me working several hours each day over a whole weekend to get my counters completely clear. Clear the Junk Most of us have an area of our counters where junk just collects from all around the house.DB Homes Inc believes that every family deserves the opportunity to own a home.

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