Im writing a vampire novel

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Im writing a vampire novel

Necessary Tropes Before you start your novel. Our Vampires Are Different: This is for you, the author, to remember— not necessarily the reader. So you do not have to spell everything out all at once or at all.

However, once a vampire "rule" is established, avoid contradicting that aspect of the vampire. Decide which genre your vampire novel will be. The first vampire novels Varney the Vampire included were almost exclusively Gothic Horrorbut nowadays you can add vampires into almost any genre.

im writing a vampire novel

The im writing a vampire novel popular are the vampire romance and the vampire detective genres well, technically subgenres. Is it Sci-Fi or Fantasy? If you try to explain vampirism as a disease or a separate species, it would more than likely fall into the science fiction area.

Some blurring of the line is possible; if they were once human and became a separate species through a divine curse rather than through a virus or mutation. On the other hand, you can make your novel Heroic Fantasywith all the tropes associated with it.

The Gothic Horror genre, however, can drift back and forth - the vampire is never really explained beyond being a myth, but besides that, the rest is based around reality making most gothic horrors take place in Crapsack Worlds.

im writing a vampire novel

Overall, it is recommended you take the supernatural route, as the vampire is a creature rooted in folklore and scientifically explaining the phenomenon should only be done if you are feeling very ambitious. Now you have to figure out what alignment your vampires are. Are they a race of Always Chaotic Evil?

Or a pack of mindless bloodthirsty beasts which are basically zombies in all but name? If you want to have a heroic vampire, however, that could fall into the pit of a Friendly Neighborhood Vampire. If, on the other hand, all vampires are Chaotic Good and merely misunderstood, that could fall into the pit of Only the best of writers can pull off making years and years of evil vampires be "misunderstood.

Maybe your vampires can only be hurt with silver, or garlic, or some other Phlebotinum. How does your vampire feel about the depictions of other vampires in movies and literature?

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If you really want to throw this trope out the window, have him be a writer of vampire fiction. Do NOT make all vampires a cross between a corrupt politician and Caliguala. While it is perfectly fine, even traditional, to have the vampire as a bad guy, a group of vampires who act too much alike tends to be silly.

If you insist on making all vampires evil, at least make sure they are evil differently. One of the positive traits of much maligned Twilight is that the vampire characters are teated much the same way as the human characters, with the same array of motivations and character traits.

They range from the peaceful, vegetarian Cullen family, to the feral nomads, to the power hungry, sophisticated, amoral Volturi, and everything in between. Back in the days of Gothic Horrorpurple prose was all the rage. However, gothic horror slowly faded out of favor and so did a certain reddish writing.

Only the best writers can now pull it off and they almost always do it as parody. Take this line from Twilight for instance: On the other hand, Twilight did end up earning millions and millions of dollars, so if you think you can get away with it, and have enough references of beautiful men to make up for it, go for it.

We should warn you though: Which brings us to: The Ubiquitous Mary Sue: There is a way to make your vampires not Made of Plasticinebut not insanely overpowerful.

This goes for the way your characters act, as well: Also, if your vampires do interact extensively with humans, do not make them prefer one human over all the others for some ambiguous reason i. Just because your story is fiction and some of your characters are supernatural beings does not mean that the intrapersonal dynamics between them do not have to be believable.

Related to the above, do not put overemphasis on the sexual prowess or appeal of vampires unless you are writing porn.The grammar is poor, the writing style is terrible, the characters are flat and annoying, and I don't have to pretend that I like this book just because you and other frustrated girls say that I have to.

this is very important. i love, love stories that include romance in the plot line! they make the story so much more interesting, i think. i also think that you should try to not make your own version of twilight.

i'm having the same problem; i want to write a story with vampires in it, but i want to stay away from making a copy of twilight.

it's kind of hard, you know? Im writing a romance/otome between a vampire protagonist and human love interest. What do you think Started Nov 10 by Lacey Kat. The plot is the heroine Sophie is a dhampir and is heavily bullied by the vampires finally a leader vampire give her a chance to be a true vampire.

Mar 14,  · Best Answer: No, I don't like it. It seems to me that it's ful of cliches and it does not draw me in. Sorry.

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Bellissimo! And don't listen to all these other people saying you shouldn't write another vampire book. The reason there are so many vampire books right now is because they are a hot item, especially in romance, which is my field Status: Resolved.

Jun 15,  · Im writing a vampire book? and I cant decide if I want the vampires to feed on only animal prey (like in the Twilight Series), because I am a bit of a tree hugger.

But I dont like the idea of vampires feeding on human blood (like in the Vampire Academy books).Status: Resolved. Jun 28,  · Write a plot outline before you start writing the book. The plot will give you kind of a guideline, necessary to make a focused book.

It's harder to write the book with no sense of direction than it is with a solid idea of the backbone of the plot%().

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