Essays about sense of humor

And experience should show you that it isn't real, that it's a movie. Life doesn't take you seriously, so why take it seriously. The Boston Red Sox slugger captivated millions with his dazzling swing and towering homers throughout the s and s in competition with New York Yankees hero Joe DiMaggio.

Essays about sense of humor

There are many sayings, proverbs, and scientific studies claiming and proving that having a sense of humor is a phenomenal aid in various life situations.

However, what one finds funny may be dull and boring for another. Some people value only black humor, while others may find comedic features literally in everything. In other words, there seems to be no universal criteria to define what exactly is humorous.

In other words, this definition implies that humor is a personal quality that causes us to feel amused as we witness events or phenomena that fall into the category of absurd. The online Free Dictionary defines humor as situations, speeches, or writings that are thought to be humorous.

This definition reminds us about jokes and comedy—genres that are most often associated with the sense of humor.

However, a word or an event on their own cannot be funny, as it is the context that provokes our amusement about something. This assumes the same joke spoken to different people, who are either familiar or not familiar with its context, will respectively be perceived by them as ridiculous or dull and meaningless.

If we restate this definition, we can see it assumes that for a situation or phenomenon to be seen as funny, it is enough for them to be absurd or incongruous.

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We believe it is the participant who evaluates each particular situation, so we cannot ignore the role of an individual. In fact, this definition is to some extent similar to the one above in terms of appealing only to an object without taking the participant into consideration. Based on the aforementioned qualities, but seemingly incomplete definitions, we would like to come up with another one.Humor is the tendency to look at things from the mirthful or incongruous side.

It is the quality that makes something laughable or amusing. Humor is the ability to perceive, enjoy, or express what is amusing or comical. It is the source of laughter and the catalyst of smiles.

Humor is the spark that. The person with a sense of humour attracts other people with a sense of humour and in trying to amuse his eager listeners, as people possessing a sense of humour usually do, he shows wit, intelligence, vitality and a zest for life.


A good sense of humor is one of the most important qualities that one should possess. Our day to day life is mechanical and under stress, to relieve from such stress we need happiness to run the life smoother. Some people agree that a good sense of humor is one of the most important human qualities while other people have different opinion that a good sense of humor is important for life.

Essays about sense of humor

I personally believe that a good sense of humor is one of the most important human qualities. September Remember the essays you had to write in high school?

Topic sentence, introductory paragraph, supporting paragraphs, conclusion.

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The conclusion being, say, that Ahab in Moby Dick was a Christ-like figure. Oy.

Essays about sense of humor

Dec 20,  · This insanely, intelligent piece of pure fiction challenges the intellect, common sense, imagination, comprehension, and sense of humor. The movie starts on Earth, in the home of Arthur Dent, on the day bulldozers arrive to tear down his home.

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