Coping with emotions

Weight loss or weight gain Aches and pains Insomnia Seek support for grief and loss The pain of grief can often cause you to want to withdraw from others and retreat into your shell. But having the face-to-face support of other people is vital to healing from loss.

Coping with emotions

Retired Training Officer; Married, 5 children When you get the panic attacks, I mean there was quite a few times I actually woke the wife up at 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning because, and it was something she couldn't, a lot of people couldn't understand, I suppose.

Feeling lonely,I think it was basically because of the things that was going on in your mind, more than anything. I mean there could be a house, I mean I was upstairs quite a few times and there, I knew there was a, you know, my son and his missus and my missus and other people down here, but still you felt lonely.

It's, it's hard to explain. Yeah, it was, it, it's a very peculiar sense, sensation. There was many a time, as I said, we had a house'full, we had a house full of people and my son and his missus and my missus and the dog and all the rest of the people.

You knew they were downstairs but you get this fear that you had to be amongst people. And many time I've actually come down and just sat in the chair and, of course, I could feel other people sort of, I could feel them looking at us and they were wondering, you know, what's, what's wrong like, you know?

But I, I couldn't tell people what was wrong basically because I didn't know myself.

Coping with emotions

I just couldn't put my finger on what was making us feel that way.Coping with Emotions. This implies that whether there is good or bad news one should not loose control over oneself,however one should not suppress the emotions. Consider integrating the following components of emotion regulation coping skills into your growing emotion regulation “toolkit:” (1) Understand your emotions Practice taking a step back from your emotional experiences and giving yourself the time and space .

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Coping with emotions

Life Skills, Activity Coping with Emotions, Stress February 10, by Clare Hanbury Leave a Comment This is a single activity session plan from our Life Skills Handbook, a .

Emotional overwhelm may occur when one experiences difficulty coping with emotions and can result from a tasking situation or combination of stressful events. To find out how much you have learned about Coping with Your Emotions, take our self assessment quiz when you have completed this section.

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How to Feel Better: Coping With Negative Emotions