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We all want to experience measurable progress with our freelance business. Few things provide momentum as progress. The problem is we might not be consistent in applying best success practices to our personal and business lives. Well, the following article is just the reminder we need.

Awaionline writers digest

Their vast experience and wisdom will be of great value to Endovasc. We will be able to utilize their expertise as we move forward in bringing our life-saving drugs and therapies to market," said Dr.

In addition to Mr. Rudiger Beuttenmuller, whose appointment was announced in June, the following have accepted appointments: Judge Reilly currently serves as Presiding Judge of the City of Montgomery, Texas and is an author and lecturer of national renown.

Today, in addition to his judicial duties, Judge Reilly travels across America speaking on the subject and benefits of environmental regulatory compliance. He is a graduate of the University of Houston B. Born and reared in Connecticut, Judge Reilly relocated to Texas after completion of service in the United States Air Force and currently resides in close proximity to the principal offices of the Company.

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Following two years active-duty service in the U. He works primarily in the area of tax compliance and planning for closely held corporations. James Dale Davidson, B. Davidson is a private investor and analyst. He founded Agora, Inc.

Where writing is a passion. Contributed by the writers of St Nick's Publications.

In conjunction with Lord Rees-Mogg, co-editor of Strategic Investment and former editor of the Times of London, he co-authored a series of books on financial markets. Davidson also is a current or recent director of a number of companies, many of which he helped to found.

Davidson is a director of Plasmar, S.

awaionline writers digest

He is the editor of Vantage Point Investment Advisory, a private financial newsletter with a worldwide circulation. After one year as a financial analyst with Conoco, Mr.

Bagrier joined Merrill Lynch inwhere he became a member of the Executive Club.

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He provides financial and estate planning advice to individuals and institutional clients. About Endovasc Endovasc Ltd.

The Company's products and processes include: The foregoing statements are made under the "Safe Harbor" Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of and may contain forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties that may not be evident at the time of this release.

For more information about Endovasc, please visit www. Investor questions and requests for materials can be submitted online.


To sign up for Endovasc shareholder alerts, please visit http: Investor Relations, Endovasc Ltd. Investor Relations of Endovasc Ltd. And they must have fraudulant or corrupt 'transfer agents' to issue stock shares in collusion with the corrupt penny stock executives they work with onshore.

Paradoxically,he accused former President Bill Clinton of mafia ties among other things as we sall see below. So why don't the 'market makers'such as Schwab Capital,Etrade, Ameritrade,et.

Davidson and his ilk for accusing them of naked shorting? Perhaps because they have in the past when supply of shares exceeded demand or their own employees manipulated the market. Schwab actually threatened me with litigation for simply enquiring as to whether Endovasc and it's 'famed trail lawyer'O'Quinn's accusation of their naked shorting was true!!

Also because market makers make money off the frauds and 'pumps'purpatrated on the naive investing public. So James Dale Davidson and his ilk bring them 'good' business,much better than a common shareholder or account holder such as I would,by their fraudulant 'pumps'or protions of penny stocks through the internet or mass mailings that should be prosecuted as wire fraud.Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Awards Writer’s Digest hosts the Popular Fiction Awards.

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This competition spotlights writing in many categories including Romance, Thriller, Crime, Horror, Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Young Adult. There are 6 categories to choose is your chance to win $2, in cash, a spotlight about you in an upcoming issue, and a paid trip to our ever-popular Writer’s.

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awaionline writers digest

Contributed by the writers of St Nick's Publications. Mar 7. Places to Go: China’s Guizhou Province. What is the first image that forms in your mind when I mention about China? Do you think of Beijing, the bustling city that holds all the gems of China – ranging from the Peking roasted duck, to the.

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