African writing awards for employees

Let's do this thing. As a child, however, I knew so many African Americans working in science, math, and engineering that I thought that's just what black folks did.

African writing awards for employees

african writing awards for employees

Identification[ edit ] The first question to be asked, when seeking to resolve any labour law problem, is whether the parties are indeed "employees" and "employers" within the meaning of the applicable statute or the common law.

This has long been a difficult task in South Africa, as it is not always immediately apparent whether the parties have entered into the locatio conductio operarum contract of employment or merely the locatio conductio operis contract of work.

Distinguishing between these two kinds of contracts is critically important, as different legal consequences flow from the various forms of contract. Most important is that South African labour legislation applies only in respect of employees, who are entitled to social security benefits and have access to the statutory mechanisms if they wish to seek remedies for violations of their employment rights.

Similarly, only employers are bound by the labour statutes, and are vicariously liable for the delicts of their employees.

Common law[ edit ] The first source to be examined, when seeking to determine whether parties to a work relationship are employers and employees, is the contract into which they have entered.

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A contract of employment comes into existence when the parties conclude an agreement that conforms to the requirements of the locatio conductio operarum. Reported judgments have indicated that the task of distinguishing employees and employers from parties to other contractual relationships entailing the provision of work, or the rendering of services, is not a matter of definition; classification of such contracts is a "matter of substance, not merely of form.

Statutory definitions do not resolve the problem. It is safe, however, to assume that even from the second part of the definition of an "employee," as it appears in the Labour Relations Act or the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, independent contractors are implicitly excluded.

At the core of subsection a of both definitions lies a reference to the contract of employment: The basic idea behind subsection b of both definitions is that employees are those people who place their capacity to work at the disposal of others.

african writing awards for employees

This is the essence of employment. The case of Liberty Life Association of Africa v Niselow reiterates the law set out above and the interpretation of the definition of "employee. This means that it is necessary to look outside the legislation to determine the meaning of these terms, in order to distinguish between an employee and an independent contractor.

The courts have formulated a number of tests for drawing the distinction.

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Control test[ edit ] The control test focuses on the element of "control" exercised by the employer over the employee. The power to control has traditionally been regarded as the hallmark of the employment contract.

With the advent of highly skilled employees who are given free rein in performing their duties, the courts no longer insist on de facto control, as once they did, but recognise that a right to control is sufficient.

The employer not choosing to exercise that right does not render the contract something other than one of employment. The application of the control test in isolation is entirely inadequate, as certain employees have a wide discretion as to how to perform their work.

Such discretion does not alone render them independent contractors. The ultimate difference between an employee and an independent contractor is that the principal has no legal right to prescribe the manner in which the independent contractor brings about the desired result, but may prescribe methods by which the employee works.

In Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society v MacDonaldthe court held that the employee was subject to the control of the employer in the sense that the latter had the right to prescribe not only what work had to be done, but also the manner in which that work had to be done. The independent contractor, on the other hand, could be directed only as to what work must be done, not how it was to be done.

In any event, to define a contract in terms of one of its characteristics is tautological. It is based upon the assumption that whether or not one is an employee does not rest on submission to orders; it depends on whether the person is part and parcel of the organisation.

In other words, one looks at the extent to which a person the worker is integrated into the organisation of the other person the employeror whether the person is performing work inside the organisation of another. The work of an independent contractor, although done for the business, is not integrated into it; it is only accessory to it.

One of the problems with this test is that it is not always possible to measure the extent of integration, or to determine what degree of integration is sufficient for someone to qualify as an employee. Multiple or dominant-impression test[ edit ] The deficiencies of the control and organisation tests led the courts to approach the question in the same way that they approach so many other problems: The relationship is viewed as a whole; a conclusion is drawn from the entire picture.

In Ongevallekommissaris v Onderlinge Versekeringsgenootskap AV-BOBalthough the court did not spell out exactly what may be included in the general picture, guidance may be derived from the English case of Ready Mixed Concrete v Minister of Pensions and National Insurancein which the presiding officer set out three possible components: The servant agrees that, in consideration of a wage or other remuneration, he will provide his own work and skill in the performance of some service for his master.

The other provisions of the contract are consistent with its being a contract of service. When courts examine the "other provisions of the contract," they will consider all relevant aspects of the relationship. The dominant-impression test was followed in this case, and Smit was held to not be an employee of the insurance company.

In Medical Association of SA v Minister of Healthseveral district surgeons challenged the decision of the provincial MEC for Health for the Free State to terminate their contracts summarily as part of the restructuring of the district health service.

The multiple or dominant impression test was followed, and the court used the factors discussed in Smit to assist it in obtaining the dominant impression that part-time district surgeons were in fact employees of the State.African Americans (also known as Black Americans and Afro-Americans) are an ethnic group in the United States.

The first achievements by African Americans in various fields historically marked footholds, often leading to more widespread cultural change. The shorthand phrase for this is "breaking the color barrier". One commonly cited example .

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